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Tuono V4 1100 ABS is the latest and most spectacular evolution
of a sport naked dynasty

The performance of its unrivalled, revamped V4 has been increased to
1100 CC and 175 HP;more efficient to ride thanks to its revamped chassis
and the further development of the already exceptional aprc electronics systems
package, but at the same time more convenient and even safer for road use



Tuono V4 1100 is the latest and most spectacular evolution of a sport naked dynasty, born in 2002 out of Aprilia's intuition to strip down and fit a handlebar on their flagship superbike (which at the time was the V-twin RSV mille), thereby combining all the advantages of a chassis par excellence with the fun of sitting up and dynamic riding. The patriarch of the new “supernaked” category was called the Tuono 1000 R, the first ultra-high performance naked. Aprilia Tuono has therefore always been a high handlebar superbike, unbeatable on the track and loads of fun on the road. It was out of this tradition that a completely new Tuono was born in 2011, a direct emanation from the unbeatable Aprilia RSV4 introduced in 2009 and World SBK dominator. It was an epic change: Tuono V4 R immediately made a place for itself as the highest performance, most technological and sophisticated naked sport bike ever manufactured, the most adrenaline pumping, fierce and effective naked ever seen, an excellence for the most purist of thrill seeking enthusiasts thanks to the V4 engine capable of 167 HP and the exceptional aPRC electronic controls package, still unrivalled in terms of effectiveness and technology. But the evolution did not stop here. In 2013 an even more refined and powerful version was introduced: Tuono V4 R ABS which offered the new features which had already been successfully introduced on the second generation RSV4, such as the higher performance engine (170 HP), the revamped and recalibrated aPRC system and a Race ABS system capable of withstanding even the extreme stress of the track.

The know-how acquired in years of victorious competition at top levels and the experience of the Tuono history now allow Aprilia to exceed limits which had previously seemed insurmountable: introducing the new Tuono V4 1100, an exclusive thrill generator and fun in its purest state. New 175 HP engine with a powerful maximum torque of 120 Nm, revamped chassis setup to achieve better agility, fine-tuned aPRC, new look, the possibility of connecting your smartphone to the vehicle through the PMP platform and two distinctly outfitted versions (Factory and RR) that have the same, strictly Aprilia character in common.
More Power from the V4
The primary goal of the changes made to the already extraordinary Aprilia Tuono V4 engine was to increase torque, especially at medium-low revs in order to increase effectiveness and riding pleasure on the road. To achieve this goal the engine capacity was increased to a full 1077 cc thanks to the new cylinder bore which was taken from 78 to 81 mm. This increase in displacement also resulted in higher top performance: the power peak went from 170 to 175 HP and places the Tuono V4 1100 range at the top of its segment (already at 8,000 rpm almost 20 HP more than before are available). This makes the new sport naked from Noale a complete weapon for thrills and effectiveness with superlative torque values that dominate on the road and uncompromising top performance to dominate on the track.
The Tuono V4 1100 is the only naked powered by a 65° V4 engine° with unique characteristics. The narrow V architecture made it possible to build an engine with incredibly reduced longitudinal bulk which favours centring the weight and creating a compact chassis. As in previous models, the monobloc crankcase with integrated aluminium cylinder liners ensures maximum rigidity and consistent performance. The upper half of the engine case is now made with a new shell fusion and has been lightened and reinforced; it also now has an optimised ventilation system in order to reduce power loss due to air pressure inside the engine crankcase. Also, the crankshaft now has connecting rod pins reduced to 36 mm in diameter, the pistons are new and the Pankl connecting rods are lighter by a total of 400 grams.

World champion chassis

World champion chassis
Simply incomparable, now more than ever. There is no other naked bike as sporty and effective as the Tuono V4 1100; its close derivation from the seven times World SBK champion is clear when you look at the beautiful double rail frame made from pressed and cast brushed aluminum elements, a structure that boasts unrivalled balance between torsional stiffness and flexibility; the new 65° V4 engine is set inside it in all of its purity and uniqueness, just like a precious stone set in a ring. In order to make the Tuono V4 1100 more agile on the road, without losing its legendary fierceness on the track, the headstock angle was changed from 25.1° to 24.7° and the trail went from 107.4 mm to 99.7 mm. These sleeker chassis dimensions combine with the 6 mm longer aluminum swing arm, the various suspension setups and the consequent adjustment of the electronic controls, including the wheelie control feature, to obtain a rock solid chassis at high speeds but more agile in direction changes.

Top of the line in electronics
The Tuono V4 1100 range has received all the upgrades to the already exceptional aPRC system that was first seen on the RSV4 RR and RSV4 RF.
As everyone knows, aPRC (Aprilia Performance Ride Control) is the patented control systems package derived directly from the winning technology in the world Superbike championship, the most complete and refined of any on the market, which provides tyre circumference self-calibration features and wheelie control. The third generation of aPRC, standard equipment on the new Tuono V4 1100 units, fully integrates with the fine full Ride-by-Wire multimap electronic management of the revamped V4 engine. As always, the Tuono V4 benefits from a specifically developed calibration, but it has been evolved even further in order to provide maximum thrills on the road and maximum performance on the track.
The Tuono V4 1100 Factory aPRC includes:
aTC: Aprilia Traction Control, adjustable on the fly (without having to release the throttle) to 8 settings thanks to a practical joystick on the left side of the handlebar, now has even more fine tuned and higher performance operating logic. The percentage of slippage allowed also differs depending on the speed in the turn: the system's performance is smoother and guarantees high support in long sweepers at high speeds without penalising grip coming out of slow turns;
aWC: Aprilia Wheelie Control, with 3 selectable settings, has been recalibrated to be even more sporty in map 1, whilst still guaranteeing a slight lift in quick acceleration and subsequent smoother descent of the front wheel to the tarmac;
aLC: Aprilia Launch Control, the assisted starting system for use on the track only with 3 settings;
aQS: Aprilia Quick Shift electronic gearbox for ultra-fast shifting without closing the throttle or using the clutch.
In addition to the third generation aPRC, the Tuono V4 1100 range is fitted with the highly advanced Race ABS system, developed in collaboration with Bosch to guarantee maximum safety on the road, without sacrificing any performance on the track. The 9MP system, which weighs in at just 2 kg, uses an actuation strategy called RLM (Rear wheel Lift-up Mitigation) that, as the name suggests, mitigates rear wheel lift in more abrupt braking situations; it can also be disengaged and it is adjustable to three levels easily by accessing the control menu on the instrument cluster.
Level 1: this is dedicated to track use but is also approved for street use. It acts on both wheels to guarantee the best possible performance, even in the most intense braking conditions at any speed. It takes nothing away from the pleasure and performance of “extreme” riding. With this strategy RLM is disabled.
Level 2: this is dedicated to sport riding on the road, acts on both wheels and is combined with the RLM tip over system which engages progressively based on the vehicle speed.
Level 3: this is dedicated to riding on surfaces with poor grip, acts on both wheels and is combined with the RLM tip over system.

Each of the three Race ABS maps can be combined with any one of the three engine maps (Track, Sport, Road) to allow riders with varying experience and skill levels to find the best possible combination.

Version & Color

Tuono V4 1100 RR is available in the agressive Grigio Portimao color scheme.

Engine type Aprilia V4-cylinder, 4-strokes, liquid-cooled 90 degrees longitundal V-Twin with double overhead camshaft /DOHC), four valves per cylinder. Ride By Wire with 3 engine mappings (Sport, Race, Track)
Capacity 1077 cc
Max power (at crankshaft) 173 HP (129 kW) at 11,000 rpm
Max torque (at crankshaft) 120 Nm at 9,000 rpm
Fuel system Airbox with front dynamic air intakes. 4 Weber-Marelli Ø48-mm throttle bodies with 4 injectors and latest generation Ride-by-Wire engine management. Choice of three different engine maps selectable by the rider with bike in motion: T (Track), S (Sport), R (Race)
EXHAUST SYSTEM 4 into 2 into 1 layout, dual oxygen sensors, lateral single silencer with engine control unit-controlled butterfly valve and integrated catalytic converter.
Cooling liquid
Front suspension Sachs steering damper.
Sachs upside-down fork, Ø43mm stems. Fully adjustable spring preload, hydraulic compression. Wheel travel: 120 mm
Rear suspension Sachs single shock absorber with piggy-back, adjustable sprint preload, hydraulic compression and rebound.
Wheel travel: 130 mm
Rear brake Ø220 mm disc. New Brembo caliper. Pump with integrated tank and metal braid brake pipe.
ABS Multi-map Bosch 9MP ABS (3 Track, Sport, Rain + Off), deactivable and with RLM (Rear wheel Lift-up Mitigation).
Wheels 3 spoke - 3.5”X17” aluminum alloy wheel. Rear: 3 spoke - 6.00”X17” aluminum alloy wheel
Front tire Radial tubeless. 120/70 ZR 17
Rear tire Radial tubeless. 190/55 ZR 17 ( (Alternative 190/50 ZR 17; 200/55 ZR 17))
Front brake Double Ø320mm disc with aluminum flange. Brembo M432 mono-block radial calipers and metal braid line.
Frame Aluminium dual beam chassis with pressed and cast sheet elements.
Max. Height 42.9 in. (1090 mm)
Seat height 32.5 in. (825 mm)
Fuel tank capacity 4.9 gal.
Warranty All 2016 and newer Aprilia Motorcycles include a 2-year unlimited-mileage warranty. *Limits are outlined in the warranty booklet. See dealer for details
Approval EPA and CARB.
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